DIY Fabric Softener, The All Natural Way

Want to add some do it yourself liquid fabric softener to your laundry room?  Soften clothes the all natural way with our special recipe that you can make at home!   Not only will you be skipping all the commercial fabric softeners, but you will also save money by making it at home!  

What is infused vinegar?

Basically it’s just white distilled vinegar that has been infused for a few weeks with citrus rinds and herbs. It’s a great as a fabric softener and glass cleaner! You could also also make into an all purpose natural cleaner when diluted with water. 

How To Make DIY Fabric Softener to Soften Clothes at Home

1. Fill a jar 3/4 full with lemon rinds, orange rinds, or a blend of both and fill the jar with White Distilled Vinegar.
2. Put in pantry, or leave on a counter (out of direct sunlight) for about two weeks. 
4. Strain the peels out and the liquid is ready to use as a fabric softener!

For glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner (not granite friendly) follow the steps above and add this additional step below:

Put one cup of the infused vinegar in a spray bottle with 1 cup of water, shake, add some Essential Oils if you want (I like adding 10-15 drops of lavender when I make 32 ounces). 

Voila! You just made some natural, home cleaner/fabric softener to soften clothes without any harsh nasties!

Happy Pouring & Spraying!

P.S. Yes, this still smells like vinegar! But only for a second. The vinegar scent quickly dissipates and you are left with a fresh citrus scent.


  • How much of the fabric vinegar do you use per load?

  • Hi – great idea. Will try. Just a quick question. Once you make this can you compost the oranges or does the vinegar make it toxic to the soil.

    David fraser

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