Dry Skin? Don't Fall For It!

I love the change in seasons from Summer to Fall!

My skin... not so much.

Around this time of the year, our skin tends to be more dry due to wind blowing, cooler temps, and not drinking as much water as we should. Those limited time holiday lattes are so good!

Due to all these changes, most people find they need to add a nourishing moisturizer to their normal skincare routine.

Many ladies have experienced the same as Caroline: "The Sweet Dreams Glow Balm consistently nourishes my face. I use it every night, and my face is never dry in the morning! It also gives my face a nice natural glow!" (online review)

I always suggest, regardless if you are in the sun or not, to use the Daydream Mineral SPF during the day to protect your skin from blue light and harmful sun rays, and the Sweet Dreams Glow Balm over your serum at night to lock in moisture while you sleep. Good news is, you can get them together as the Dream Team Duo.

Here are a few more tips for healthy skin that you can be doing all year long:

1. CLEAN YOUR PILLOW CASE at least once a week with a detergent that is not full of harsh chemicals or fragrance (those can transfer onto your skin even after the pillow case has been dried).

2. DRINK MORE WATER! Especially during wintertime when we tend to drink more caffeine and sugary drinks and desserts.

3. EXFOLIATE! This will help your skin get rid of the dead skin cells it's trying to turnover during the drier months. Either of our clay masks are a great option, but we are launching another exfoliator in October that will be a bit more instense and full of awesome alpha hydroxy acids. I will be sending an email sharing more about that NEW PRODUCT + LAUNCH DAY next week.

4. CLEAN YOUR PHONE every single night. It harbors a crazy amount of bacteria and you are touching it all day long.

Whatever your skin is experiencing, we are here to help! If you ever need help navigating all the options we offer, shoot us an email. My team and I are here to help you through making the switch to organic, handcrafted, natural skincare!

Hope this information helps!

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