PART FOUR - When I really believed it.


“I am happy being single. If God’s decides to bless me with a husband one day, then great! But really, I am content either way.” I remember saying those words to my friend as she sat across from me in my new living room. Those words felt rehearsed. I had repeated them many times over the last few years. Sometimes, I would say them because I wanted to believe them, and other times I really did. This was a time I really believe it.

She looked at me with furrowed brows, as though I had just said I was becoming a nun, and replied, “You won’t be single very long. Just give it a some time and you’ll see.”

I would have taken it as another one of those things people just say. You know how the sayings go: “Your man is out there somewhere,” “It is only a matter of time,” or one of my favorites to hear at a wedding, “You’ll be next!”

But there was something in the air between us when she uttered it, and it felt almost like she knew something I did not. I pushed it all aside, looked at my new puppy, and knew, regardless of whether or not I remained single, I was going to live one happy life!

Turns out, my friend was right. Exactly one year ago from today, my now husband got down on one knee (after reading a beautiful, hand-written letter he wrote for me) and asked me to spend forever with him. About three months later, on my 32nd birthday, we got married.

Getting married on that particular day was not by chance. It was not my first choice either, but God knew. Jesus heard my prayers on so many other birthdays asking for someone that I can call my best friend, do ministry with, trust to lead me, someone that adores me. I believe marrying my best friend on my 32nd birthday was God’s way of answering that birthday prayer...

There is a lot more to our story, but no way I could sum it all up in this last part. If you want to know more about how we met, what almost kept me from giving my hubby a chance, advice for singles in the waiting season, and so much more, watch this video:



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