PART THREE - A bigger change was a few months away.


I stepped off the plane and noticed the weather was much more pleasant than it was last time I was here in August. Turns out, Arkansas is not always super humid and muggy (thank, God!). It also turns out that chigger attacks are not as normal as I believed them to be. I was bitten by hundreds of them while exploring the natural state on a visit years ago. Needless to say, it had a lasting impression on me.

My trip this time, however, was not to visit friends and attend a church conference, but to look at houses.

Knowing that God is a God of the details, I let Him know what specific things I hoped to have in a home as I drove to the first viewing that day. I parked and was greeted by my realtor with the cutest, most welcoming Arkansan accent.

The first things I noticed when I walked through the front door were the exact things I had told God I wanted - the large windows that revealed the trees in the backyard, the high vaulted ceilings with wood beams, and the open living room with wood floors and a fireplace. I knew pretty quickly that I was walking through my new “home”. I did not just take the details as confirmation though; the greatest confirmation was the all-consuming peace I felt.

I flew back to AZ and put an offer in. The offer was accepted and it became official - I was moving to Arkansas! It didn’t take me long to find things I really liked about my new home state. Plus, knowing I was in the will of God was an amazing feeling.

I was content, and thankful for all that God had done. After 12 years of hard work and living alone most of the time, I finally had my own house, a puppy that could play in a backyard, and a thriving business to work full time.

I accepted my singleness and decided to enjoy the season I was in to the fullest, whether marriage was a part of the plan or not.

Little did I know, a much bigger change was just a few months away.


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