PART TWO - NEVER create a list without....


My faithful Honda was carrying over the recommended weight capacity, but I pressed on the gas more than usual to get it up to speed as I left the Golden State and headed for my parents’ home in Arizona.

I stepped out of my car to refuel and took my first breath of 117 degree dry heat. It hit my lungs with such intensity, I wondered if this was something anyone could ever get used to. I looked around at cacti that were easily 20 feet tall, and I was amazed at the stark contrast just a few hundred miles could make.

I knew while driving away from my “normal” that moving back in with my amazing parents was just for a season, but God did not tell me how long the season would be, or where I would end up more permanently. If Jesus laid out a 5 year plan for me in one prayer session, I would probably turn it into a week and ruin it.

Once arriving to my parents, I unpacked and settled into a new routine. With the help and support of my selfless parents, I finally had more time to focus on Skin Balm Apothecary. It quickly grew (thank YOU, Jesus!) and within six months of working hard at it full time, I outgrew the space I had at my parents’ and SBA was taking over their home.

It was time. Time to get out of the comfortableness I had allowed myself to enjoy, time to move - again.

After much prayer, I knew, without a doubt, where God was telling me to buy a house and establish SBA. So what was the problem? The problem was it was the ONE state I said I would never move to. It was not even the state that was on MY preferred “list” that I brought to God in prayer.

You know those lists? The ones WE create. Word of advice: NEVER create a list or plan without giving God full liberty to change it at anytime. Whether that’s a list concerning places you want to move to, qualities in a husband you think you need, or your 5 year plan - always give God room to do whatever He wants.

Stepping off my soap box now...

I did not tell anyone the location God put on my heart, mainly because I was REALLY hoping that what I was feeling was wrong. I thought that maybe if I gave it some time, it would change.

But God!

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