Switch to All Natural w/ Organic Skin Balm

Congratulations on considering a switch to an all-natural skincare line! Better skin is a step in the journey to better health. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and everything that it can absorb enters directly into our bloodstream.

Putting on popular products that are convenient and mass marketed is 'the norm'- a commonly accepted routine in society. Many of us do not stop to consider what chemicals are actually going into our blood because we are in a hurry. Life has become a race rather than a well-planned journey. 

Before any journey we must re-adjust our normal routine to prepare and pack; because a successful trip always includes a plan. Let's be well-prepared and pack our skin with the best nature has to offer! Before we discuss what adjustments our skin may experience through the use of true, natural skincare products, it is important to understand why some expensive not-so-natural products (that are in reality full of toxic chemicals) seem to work

Let's start with the subject of dry skin. Most commercialized skincare lines use silicones. Silicones are sneaky moisture thieves! They deceive the skin into feeling hydrated, which convinces it to slow down its own internal production of moisture, such as hyaluronic acid.

Likewise, a cleanser that may be advertised for oily skin types may use detergents that strip it of all natural oil. These may appear to generate quick results, but the long-term effects are disappointing. 

 Joy in the Journey and All Things 'Natural'

One of the joys of a journey is the discovery of nature and one of our goals at Skin Balm Apothecary is to pack our products with the purest form of nature's discoveries. 

Skincare products that use organic, life-giving, and truly natural ingredients assist the skin in improving its own health and healing.  

It is important to note that not all "natural" products are created equal. Many companies claiming to be 'all natural' carelessly create images of health when in reality even a casual glance at its ingredients label reveals numerous toxins that tax the body. We can avoid these tolls by reading the map of ingredients and opt for routes that offer more natural alternatives.  

Bumps & Breakouts

 "What happens if my skin breaks out?" First, try not to panic. Stress never removes blemishes! Patience is necessary on any trip. Relax and remember why you chose this path to cleaner and healthier skin. Second, never run back to chemicals that harm you! Your skin, body, and liver are too important to abuse them with such toxins. Bumps or a few localized breakouts during the first month or so of using all-natural skincare products are usually a sign that they are working! 

"If it's working, then why the embarrassing blemishes?" 

Your body is ridding itself of impurities, bacteria, and toxins. These have been hiding out undetected below the surface. If left ignored, these chemical criminals and toxic trolls could potentially harm your health. If you previously used synthetic products on your skin, then the change to true, natural botanicals, will encourage a purge of this clandestine buildup which has been accumulating without your consent. 

Be patient on your journey and allow your skin the necessary time to heal. When we have a cut or a burn it is not gone within a day. We expect our skin to take a certain amount of time to heal itself. Make some room and allow your skin to go through the transition process as it works in conjunction with and not against the biological purposes of your body.

Remember, your destination is worth the small inconveniences of change! It usually takes the epidermis (which is the top layer of skin) 28 – 30 days to renew itself, so that’s the amount of time you may need to see your desired results.

Take back your health and discover the joys in the journey! 

We would love to hear the adventures of your story! You can reach us at: support@skinbalmapothecary.com 


Chelsea Henderson


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  • I have been using SBA skincare for about a year now, i could not be more pleased knowing i am using hand made all organic products on my face. thank you SBA :)

  • Just recently began using yor all natural products, and i am delighted with everything ive used thus far. Looking forward to more great products in your line. Thankyou!

  • I have been using the Eye Balm for a few months now and just recently started using the Wild Rose Serum. I have been very pleased with both of these products. My daughter introduced your products to me and I am happy that she did. My face feels much smoother and my eyelashes are getting thicker. Thanks.

    Beverly Zuloaga
  • I just want to say how much I LOVE your products! I just recently bought the Deodorant at General Conference, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been struggling with finding something that I didn’t feel on me. After seeing Chelsea’s video about all the chemicals that we’re putting under our arms, I was like “Oh my gosh!!!” I’m so happy because I feel much fresher….if that’s the right grammar??? I also purchased the Eue Balm awhile back, I LOVE that as well. It keeps the puffines down under my eyes, when I remember to use it 😜. My lashes have grown some too!! I will be ordering more products for sure!! The best part all her products are all natural!

    Kim Hemingway

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