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Article: A Full Gua Sha Routine With Our Jade Stone

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A Full Gua Sha Routine With Our Jade Stone

It's become all the rage as of late... and for good reason! Let's learn how to incorporate this ancient skincare technique into our modern lives... with SBA's very own Jade Facial Gua Sha Stone


What is a Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha: an ancient Chinese practice that involves using this tool to massage the skin. Depending on the pressure used, it's a soothing skincare treatment that helps with glowing, healthy skin, not to mention a host of other amazing benefits including lymphatic support! 


How does a Gua Sha work?

One of the benefits of the gua sha is its ability to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage when applied to the face! This can help give you that "lifted" look. It also can be used all over the body, but that's another blog post for another day!

As you glide the Gua Sha tool across your face, it helps to boost blood flow. But that's not all! Gua Sha treatments also help combat puffiness and sculpt your facial structure, providing you with a more defined and lifted appearance. I love using the Gua Sha because, among its many benefits, it's so relaxing! The gentle massaging motions can help release tension you didn't even know you had. Yesssss.

One of the best parts about the Gua Sha is its versatility! Whether you want to treat fine lines and wrinkles, sculpt your facial features, reduce tension headaches, or relieve jaw tension, this little yet powerful ancient tool has got your back. You can customize your Gua Sha routine based on your skincare goals and specific areas of concern. Not to mention, it helps to massage in whatever slip solution or serum you use during your treatments! Just an added bonus. 


Benefits of Gua Sha treatments:

    • Stimulates circulation and promotes a healthy, natural glow
    • Aids in lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and enhancing facial contours
    • Helps release tension and promotes relaxation
    • Can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Versatile tool that can target specific skincare concerns
    • Enhances the absorption and efficacy of skincare products
    • Provides a soothing and relaxing skin care ritual
    • Helps relieve tension headaches and jaw tension
    • Helps to sculpt desired areas of face


Now that we've learned about what the Gua Sha is and it's many benefits, it's time to give you a visual demonstration of how it works! Below is a video detailing a FULL Gua Sha Routine with our special Jade Stone that has multiple sides for different effects. Click here to learn more about what makes our Jade Facial Stone a champion among Gua Sha's! 

 Alright, here's our very own Chelsea (Founder, Herbalist, CEO, COO) showing you just exactly how to use your Jade Facial Stone for best results!

 Recommended slip solutions for your Jade Facial Stone treatment:

Using a good slip solution is a must when it comes to gua sha treatment! A high-quality slip solution helps reduce friction, so you won't feel any tugging or pulling. You do NOT want to feel any tugging or pulling when doing your facial massage treatment. You want your stone to effortlessly glide across skin, so use enough of your slip solution. Don't be shy! So, grab one of our highly nourishing slip solutions and let your Jade Facial Stone do the work! 

Here's a list of our products that are perfect slip solutions:

1. Sweet Dreams Glow Balm

2. Purifying Serum

3. Awake Coffee Serum 

4. Moisturizing Body Oil & Facial Cleansing Oil

5. Firming Rose Serum 





***PRO TIP: Refrigerate your Jade Stone before treatment to add to it's cooling affect!


Here to help, 

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder & CEO)

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