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About Us

To share a bit about how Skin Balm Apothecary got planted (pun intended), I have to go back to my days of growing up in California in the nineties.

iPhones and social media were not invented yet, so my childhood was filled with endless exploration outdoors. Sticky sap on the soles of our feet, hands coated with tree bark from climbing, and the scent of rosemary lingering after our bee-catching escapades were everyday occurrences.

Entrepreneurship has been in my blood since I was in elementary school, and it's always been connected to nature.

My best friend and I used to roam the neighborhood, collecting flowers from our neighbors' gardens to sell as potpourri.

We'd bag them up, spray them with whatever perfume was on my mom's vanity, and go door to door selling them for a quarter a bag—sometimes back to the neighbors we picked the flowers from! Thankfully, my understanding of business ethics and fragrance has improved a lot since then.

We'd pluck lemons from my dad's tree in the backyard and make lemonade, with way too much sugar, to sell for fifty cents a cup. I can still vividly remember the scent of citrus oils filling the room as we peeled the lemons—it was pure bliss! And every time I use our organic lemon essential oil, it takes me right back to those sweet, summer days.

I could go on and on about our adventures in nature and how we always found ways to share it with others. So it's no surprise that I ended up pursuing herbalism school and founding a company where I could handcraft nature into skincare.

I love knowing that the scents and ingredients in our products come straight from God’s creation. People who use our products get to experience nature every day, even if they never step outside.

Skin Balm Apothecary began with the creation of our original, first-of-its-kind eyelash and brow growth balm in a lip balm tube—The Eye Balm™. Since then, we've expanded to offer many other ethically sourced products, packed with organic goodness to help ladies feel their best in their naturally beautiful skin!

If you ever have any questions about our products, ingredients, or business, feel free to reach out to us - we would love to hear from you! 


Chelsea Henderson, CEO


About Our Products

Most of our ingredients are cold-pressed, virgin, unrefined, organic, and/or wild-harvested. I enjoy working directly with farms when possible and going to see the practices myself. Making sure the workers on the farms are getting paid fairly, treated with respect, and not being taken advantage of are important along with the quality of ingredients.


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