About SBA

We have a lot of beautiful faces showing up on our IG feed, and other social platforms, sharing about our products and how they use them. I love it! When I started SBA, I never wanted to be the only face for it. 

We also have a lot of new friends following along on our journey so I wanted to say share a bit about SBA’s roots...

First, 👋🏼 I’m Chelsea Henderson, the founder of SBA. That’s me in the photo above. I grew up in the nineties and being a kid back then was a BLAST!

I started entrepreneurship back when I was in elementary school. It typically always had something to do with nature.

My best friend and I would go around the neighborhood and pick flowers to sell them as potpourri.

We would put them in a bag and spray some cheap perfume on them (thankfully, I know better now. Herbalism school taught me a lot!). Then we would go door to door, and sell them for .25 cents a bag. We were trying to make money for the newest beanie baby and tomagotchi. 😂

We would also pick lemons off my dad’s tree in the backyard and make lemonade to sell for .50 cents a cup. I remember peeling the rinds of the lemons and having their citrus oils fill the room. I loved it! I still think of that when I use lemon essential oil. 🍋

I could tell story after story of how we loved nature and typically found a way to share it with others. So it’s not a surprise that I pursued herbalism and founded a company where I get to handcraft nature into organic skincare.

I love knowing that the scents and ingredients in our products are straight from God’s creation. People who use our products get to experience nature on the daily even if they never step outside. Pretty cool, huh?

My husband and I run SBA full time with our amazing team! I feel blessed to be living this life we do now, but it took years of late nights and a lot of grit to get where SBA is today.

If you want to start your dream business, do not compare your beginnings with someone else’s success. Everyone started somewhere and it typically is not what you’re seeing on their established IG.

Don’t believe me? Scroll back to my first few posts and see the difference. 😄 Thank you for your support! SBA wouldn’t be balm without YOU! ❤️



About Our Products

If you're new to the Skin Balm Apothecary family, welcome!

We invite you to check out our best sellers, and one of our first products. - The Eye Balm™️. It is the first of its kind and ladies have been using it for a over a decade as a lash and eyebrow balm. It is also great for around the eye area too! Head to the product page to read some of the 600+ five star reviews.


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