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The Eye Balm™️ Is the first of its kind and is one of Chelsea’s first creations she handcrafted over a decade ago! It quickly became a favorite by many and now has over 500 five star reviews! 

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Nourish Shampoo Bar!

A long-lasting, shampoo bar loaded with awesome, organic ingredients – you can't go wrong with this bar!



Revitalize Hair & Scalp Serum

Stimulate hair growth. That's right! This powerful combination has the ability to stimulate hair growth. Start with one pump and massage it into back of scalp. Work your way around entire head. Massage for several minutes using your fingertips. No need to rinse out.

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The Dream Team

Daydream Moisturizer With SPF + our Sweet Dreams Glow Balm. These two powerhouses together will have your skin protected, nourished, and glowing all at the same time!

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Get Your Glow On!

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I have been wanting to switch to an all natural deodorant for a while now. I can’t bare the thought of all of that aluminum seeping into my pores! So, I decided to try it this SBA deo and its excellent! The scent is great and it lasts all day. I’m on my second order of it and I plan on this being my staple deo."

Kelly Stafford

I’m so in love with The Eye Balm!! It has been a life changer for me as a night shift nurse my mascara would be all over my face by morning! Now I just put a little eye balm on and curl these lashes!!! Makeup free and feeling fantastic!"


"The Repair Cream  is AMAZING! The winter months were making my face so dry and nothing I tried would work. I decided to try this product along with using my SBA Facial Serum and what wonderful results I've had! No more dryness and it makes my face feel so smooth :o) Thank you for making such an awesome product!!!!"

Brandi K

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