Baby Product Must Haves for New Parents!

Hey, everyone! As many of you know, our main Gal, Chelsea (SBA's founder/herbalist/CEO), has recently become a new mom! Little baby Henderson is around 8 months now, so Chelsea just wanted to share some of her first-time mom must-haves and products that have been super helpful to her during this new phase of life. It's not a comprehensive list, but hopefully, it's just enough to be very helpful. Anything we can do to help the amazing, hard-working mothers that make this world go 'round. <3 We appreciate you mommas so much! 

The below link was written by Chelsea herself! And of course, all products are as non-toxic and natural as possible. 


To view the links for these products, check out Skin Balm Apothecary's instagram story titled "links". 

1. Glass Philips Baby Bottle - I found these to clean so much better than the plastic ones we briefly had. They last a lot longer too. 

2. Bottle drying rack - didn't realize how handy this would be to dry her bottles and other little things.

3. Teethers that can be cooled in fridge - she really likes these ones! The white part doesn't get cold so she can hold it just fine.

4. Portable wireless sound machines (we have 3! Always need a back up!)

5. Battery powered nail trimmer - so much easier than clippers!

6. Wagon - Babytrend Wagon is what we have and I love it! We use it almost every day. I Googled it and found it for a deal! Lots of mommas post wagons and strollers on FB marketplace for a lot cheaper too.

7. Mam pacifiers. Selah doesn't use pacifiers anymore, but for the first few months she would only take the Malm brand. The glow in the dark ones were so helpful at night!

8. My sweet friend Zim got Selah this crib safe bear and selah loves it! She cuddles with it every night.


Below is a fun video of Chels showing you the products above! Plus cute little baby Sey <3





Here to help, 

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (founder, herbalist, & CEO)