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Article: DIY Banana Peel Fertilizer

DIY Banana Peel Fertilizer

Hey, again! So glad you're here. We're bringing back one of our most popular social media DIYs because it deserves a permanent spot on the blog! Not to mention, it's probably the easiest DIY you may ever do.

So, let's get into it. We're talking BANANAS! Instead of tossing the peels in the trash, repurpose them into a natural and low-cost fertilizer. The banana peel is nutrient-dense and can help provide you with your best soil yet - all naturally, without the nasty and harmful chemicals of traditional fertilizer.

This DIY fertilizer is full of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and so many other amazing vitamins! This simple DIY can help your plants grow strong and even get rid of of diseases that some indoor plants are prone to getting. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this DIY fertilizer option will help you!

Below is our very popular Pinterest post about this fertilizer. Scroll through the comment section to find more questions and answers!



1. Let the banana peels sit in a jar of water for 2-3 days and then use the water as a plant fertilizer.

2. Make sure the water level is just above the banana skin line. If it's not the banana skin will start to turn moldy and may ruin the fertilizer.

3. PRO TIP: Use organic banana peels for this DIY so that your plants and soil won't be affected by non-organic chemicals from non-organic bananas. 


That's it! Super simple, right?



Questions and Answers:

Here are some commonly asked questions about this fertilizer. Our main gal and SBA's herbalist, Chelsea (CEO/COO), answers below: 


1. Can I use this on my outdoor plants?

Yes, you sure can!


2. Can I reuse the banana peels more than once?

Yes, you can! I will use them up to two times. Keep in mind the second brew won’t be as strong.


3. Does it smell?

Yes, it can it you let it sit for a full 3 day, but it smells better than cow manure and other types you typically buy. 


4. Does it attract gnats in the house?

No, we haven’t noticed any.


5. How often should I use this on my plants?

I use it about once a week. 


Have any other questions? Let us know! 💛


Here to help, 

Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder & CEO)

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