DIY Body and Hand Sugar Scrub

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Okay, so today we're diving into a super simple fan-favorite DIY. An amazing-smelling body and hand sugar scrub! It's almost ridiculous how easy and cheap it is to make this DIY. Not to mention, this makes a great birthday, Christmas, or special occasion gift! It's a gift someone will actually use, and it's ALL NATURAL! No nasty chemicals, unlike the store-bought sugar scrub alternatives. 


Before we get into this recipe, it's important to know that sugar can harbor and feed bacteria, which is not good for acne-prone skin! That's why we don't ever recommend using sugar on your face! So, this is NOT a facial scrub. It is only a body and hand scrub! 


Alright, how do we make this amazing scrub? Read and watch below!





  • 1 cup sugar (I buy it in bulk from Costco. They have an organic brown sugar can one that's great!)
  • 3 -4 tbsp. 100% organic avocado or olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. dried lavender flowers or ten drops of SBA's organic lavender essential oil. 
  • ***If you're allergic to lavender, use dried rose, dried rosemary, dried orange peel, or any other dried herb/botanical you'd like. Or use an organic essential oil of your liking! 


  • Stir ingredients together and store in a clean glass jar.
  • Should last up to two weeks if wet hands are not dipped into it.
  • Pour it into your hand if applying once already in the shower.

Lavender flowers are great for people who have sensitivity to essential oils but still want to experience the calming scent of lavender.



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Brier C. & Chelsea H. (Founder, CEO, & Herbalist)