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Article: Do You Have A Pre-Poo? Here's Why You May Benefit from One.


Do You Have A Pre-Poo? Here's Why You May Benefit from One.

I hope you're having a great day so far. =)

I know the silly-sounding title of this email may have made you wonder... "What is a pre-poo?!"

Well, some of my curly-haired gals may already be familiar with the term. A pre-poo stands for a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment before you shampoo your hair.

Why is a pre-poo important? Well, let's get into it!

Do you ever occasionally notice that your hair looks a bit dull, greasy, or dandruffy... even after washing your hair? If so, you may benefit from a nourishing pre-wash. Curly-haired gals can especially benefit from a pre-poo because curly hair types often need a lot of moisture to keep those locks shiny and healthy! A pre-wash can also help protect your hair during the washing process and give your hair that deep added moisture.

I (Brier) know I notice a difference in the look and feel of my hair when I use a quality pre-wash vs when I don’t. I usually don’t struggle with dandruff, but during dry or cold weather, I’ll have the occasional bout of a little dandruff here and there. I notice when I use a pre-wash, I don’t have any dandruff after. It gives my scalp and hair the boost of deep moisture that it needs. I typically wash my hair once a week, so I like to do my pre-wash the night before (rinse in the morning) or a few hours before my nighttime shower.

Let’s talk about the best type of pre-wash. I have fine, slightly wavy long hair and an oil-based pre-wash is my favorite and preferred method because of how intensely nourishing a high-quality oil can be to the scalp and hair. You can also check out our DIY leave-in conditioner recipe and use that as a pre-shampoo. You may find out that combo works best for you!


Again, for me, I use a good amount of the Revitalize Scalp and Hair Serum for my pre-wash. I apply it thoroughly to my scalp first, then run my hands/brush through my hair, working it towards my ends. I also will add just a little more to my ends if needed. I’ll spend a good amount of time massaging and rubbing the oil into my scalp, since the health of the hair starts at the scalp! Plus, I’m trying to avoid any dandruff so really massaging the scalp can help the oil penetrate deeper into the skin and loosen any leftover dandruff, product, or buildup that may be on there. I typically apply my pre-poo to dry hair so the oil isn’t competing with water and will seep directly into my hair strands.

After my pre-poo routine is done, I’ll pin my hair up and wash it a few hours later, or I’ll put a bonnet on so the oil from my hair doesn’t get all over my pillow… then I’ll wash the following morning.

One of my favorite parts of my pre-wash routine with the Revitalize Hair & Scalp Serum is how soothing this oil blend is. My scalp feels soooo tingly and fresh when I use it. If you have any kind of scalp psoriasis or scalp sores, this oil will probably feel very soothing and gentle on it. It makes me feel like I’m at a spa. 😍

Also, not to mention, any of our Nourishing Conditioners can be used as a pre-wash as well! So, you have at least three SBA options to choose from depending on what works best for your pre-wash routine!


Here to help,

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Herbalist)

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