Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Here's Some SBA Products That May Be Game Changers for You

"Is this product good for sensitive skin?"

This may be one of our most frequent questions at SBA... And we don't mind it one bit. =)

We understand that sensitive skin is a reality for many of our SBA fam members, and we want you to use the best products available for your sensitive skin.

First off, you won't have to ever worry about ANY of our skincare products containing ingredients like harsh alcohols, synthetic fragrances, synthetic surfactants, harsh preservatives, sulfates, dyes, phthalates, methylparabens, or mineral oils... just to name a few of the icky ingredients often found in conventional skincare ingredients. Many of these ingredients are known to irritate sensitive skin and actually cause skin sensitivities. No thanks! Again, our products have never and will never contain these icky ingredients.

However, for some sensitive skin types, we know that even certain natural ingredients can be irritating. One of the common natural irritants for those with sensitive skin types is certain essential oils. While some of our products contain essential oils, not all of them do and some of them contain so little that those with sensitive skin types don't have any irritations.

A few of our top products that sensitive skin girlies tend to use are the Awake Coffee Serum, the Blue Tansy Ultra Rich Moisturizer, The Eye Balm ™, the Moisturizing Body Oil & Facial Cleansing Oil, the Daydream Facial SPF, the Sweet Dreams Glow Balm, the Revive Clay Mask, and the Brow Wax & Styling Clay. The Eye Balm ™ and the Brow Wax & Styling Clay have essential oils in them that are intended for a specific area of the face (although people can and do like use them on other parts of the face or body).

If you want a bit more help formulating an SBA skincare routine perfect for your specific skin type, we encourage you to check out this blog for winter/cold weather skincare routine ideas and this blog for spring/summer skincare ideas. We really break it down for you in these blogs and help you find the skincare routine + products that will likely work best for your skin type.

Also, I just want to note that some people think they have sensitive skin, but in reality, it is the harsh ingredients in their skincare products that are inflaming their skin. Some people who thought they had "sensitive skin" switch to SBA and don't have issues with most if any of the products. However, some do if they have specific skin allergies or sensitivity triggers. You may also not be triggered by every essential oil, but just by some.

Lastly, we detailed our most commonly used products for sensitive skin individuals, but that doesn't mean other products wouldn't work for your unique skin depending on what your skin triggers are.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions about formulating your unique skincare routine.


Here for you, 

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Herbalist & Founder)