Grow Sweet Potato Ivy!

Friend! Welcome to another blog post with yours truly. Glad you joined us today! 

Have you ever heard of Sweet Potato Ivy? Yeah, I hadn't either before our main girl, Chelsea (founder/herbalist/CEO, COO), released a video all about it! I usually associate sweet potatoes with the breakfast hash I like to make. However, as I learned, it can transform into a beautiful house plant! So, I thought I'd revisit this super fun idea with you here on the blog. 


A little bit about growing Ivy from the oh so Sweet Potato:

Sweet Potato Ivy (Sweet Potato Vine), is a versatile and beautiful indoor plant! It has long vines with heart-shaped leaves in a variety of colors (depending on the Sweet Potato type!) It's a super easy plant to take care of, which makes it great for both beginner and experienced indoor gardeners... not to mention, this is probably the cheapest indoor plant you could grow! Just takes one little Sweet Potato!

Sweet Potato Vine works great for hanging baskets, but it can also climb like other Ivy plants... Can you already imagine how beautiful this could look trailing through your kitchen or living room?! This plant isn't just limited to the indoors, though. Grow it outside as well! So, let's learn how to easily propagate this plant which can be done in either water or soil. 

How to grow it:

Below is how our main girl, Chelsea, recommends tending to this plant. 

1. Take a sweet potato and place it in water in a clear glass jar so you can watch the roots grow and know when the water needs to be changed and added.
2. The bottom of the sweet potato should be sitting in water. I prop it up using some toothpicks if need be.
3. Wait for the potato to sprout. This typically takes around four weeks.
4. Once the potato sprouts, the vines take off quickly.


Enjoy your cheap, easy-to-take care of, pretty potato indoor plant! The one in the video is about 4 months old.


Below is a video of Chelsea showing you the process! 

Here to help, 
Brier C.