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Article: Skincare Tips To Live By

Skincare Tips To Live By

Hello, beautiful people!


Let's get right into the top 10 skincare tips we live by around here at SBA. A few of these aren't so common and may surprise you! Here we go. =)




  • Do your hair BEFORE washing your face and applying skincare. This one is especially for those using conventional hair products like aerosol hairspray (read more on the downsides of aerosol hairspray here). Why? You don’t want to be spraying sticky, icky, chemically hair products all over your freshly washed face or recently applied skincare products.


  • Use a clean towel to PAT dry your skin. Do not use your hand or bath towel to dry your face. That bathroom hand towel is most likely not clean, especially if someone used it to wipe some food or hair product off their hands… ew! That bath towel also has leftover skin and who knows what else on it after you finish drying your pits and other crevasses! Clean and gentle is the motto when drying your face.


  • Clean your phone daily with a screen-friendly alcohol wipe. We often forget that our phones are dirtier than toilet seats…. and we touch our faces right after holding these bacteria-covered devices in our hands, and press our phones directly onto our faces! It’s a good idea to just give that phone a good daily wipe-down to prevent excess bacteria on your skin.


  • Wash your hands before doing your skincare routine. This may sound like a given, but it's worth mentioning. Some may think you don’t need to wash your hands since you're about to use a cleanser to wash your face anyway. However, you’re just making your cleanser have to work harder by adding buildup from your hands to your face when you don’t wash them beforehand.


  • Wash your pillowcase once a week. You may not realize how much of a difference this one can make! We tend to roll around and wipe our drool, nightly skincare, and dirty hair all over our pillowcases. Well, you’re also wiping whatever bacteria is on that pillowcase all over your face at night. It’s just a good rule of thumb to wash that pillowcase weekly.


  • Speaking of rolling around in bed, this one is a hard one… but try and train yourself to sleep on your back as much as possible. I know, sleeping on your stomach can feel so good sometimes, however, you’re essentially wiping off your evening skincare routine when you sleep with your face down on your pillow. Also, you’re inevitably going to wrinkle your face more doing this since your face is squished and pressed onto your pillow for prolonged periods of time throughout the night.


  • The order of your skincare matters! Make sure you’re putting your skincare on in the correct order to maximize benefits. Read more here on that!


  • More isn’t always better. Have you seen those 15-20 step skincare routines on youtube? That's a lot to keep up with... practically or financially! It's also not necessary. If you’re using high quality, nourishing, protective, vitamin and antioxidant rich skincare, you don’t need 15 different products every day. Don't fall for the beauty industries gimmicks! Read more here on a simple yet effective skincare routine for your skin type, summer edition since it's right around the corner. Just three to six solid products daily, and a couple of weekly maintenance products (if you choose) will set you up for great skin. 


  • Hydrate properly. I know, *boring*. Just drinking water isn’t going to fix all your skin care issues, however it is important for skin health. Many of us may drink stripped down or chemically processed bottled water or tap water. Many water sources do not provide adequate minerals to properly absorb into our cells. Also, you already know how we feel about the diet-skincare connection! 


  • Last, your habits, lifestyle, stress levels, and over all attitude will show on your face. Try your very best to be at peace, stress less, accept what is, trust God, hope for the best, smile and laugh a lot, and choose joy daily. You want smile lines, not frown lines! Your face and skin will thank you for it. <3



Here for you, 

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Herbalist)

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