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Article: Natural Body Care Gift Ideas Under $30


Natural Body Care Gift Ideas Under $30

Happy Fall! 


It's Brier here today.


I hope you're enjoying one of the best seasons of the year... orange and red leaves falling, crisp autumn air, cozy warm sweaters, and festive drinks. Ahh, I just love it all. Well, depending on where you live, it may still be 80+ degrees right now, but here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, the autumn vibes are in full swing! What can I say, the West Coast is the best coast ;) 


Part of enjoying this season is knowing that you're all squared away for the upcoming holidays before year-end. You know, Thanksgiving, Christmas... and Christmas can sometimes be a stressor for some, and a part of this is because of the "holiday rush" that can accompany the holiday season! 


Here at SBA, we know how fast the holidays seem to arrive every year and we want to help you get ahead of the "holiday rush"! We know that gift-giving is a part of the holiday tradition for many of our SBA fam, so we wanted to give you some holiday gift ideas to start planning for and ordering now. 


It's nice to slow down and enjoy the best time of the year without the stress of trying to figure out what gifts to get everyone... The holidays are really about thankfulness, slowing down, spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying home-cooked food, and most importantly, honoring our Savior for who He is and for all he has blessed us with. 


Below is a video you can toggle through featuring our all-natural and organic body care offerings... we even have body and skin care options for our bros, like the Woodland Spice Deodorant and the unscented Moisturizing Body Oil & Facial Cleansing Oil. So, nobody is left out here! 


 Anyways, toggle through this video to discover some affordable holiday gift options that are packed with all-natural goodness! Only the best for you <3



Here to help, 

Brier C. & Chelsea Henderson (Founder & Herbalist)

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