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Article: The Revamped Repair Cream....Same Benefits, Fresh New Look!

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The Revamped Repair Cream....Same Benefits, Fresh New Look!

Hello, all!

For multiple reasons, I thought it was time to make the switch from a pump bottle to our beloved glass jars. From our Ultra Rich Blue Tansy Moisturizer to our Coffee PolishGlow Balm, Daydream Mineral Sunscreen, and now our Repair Cream, our glass jars are quite popular and preferred per feedback from our SBA fam. The team and I pay attention to what our lovely SBA fam members like and prefer, so you all influenced this decision to change up the look of the Repair Cream!

However, don't worry - the formula and ounce size are exactly the same. All of the incredibly nourishing benefits that make this product one of our skincare superstars hasn't changed.


Why the Repair Cream Is So Effective

Calendula Herbal oil, Chamomile oil, Argan Oil, Red Raspberry Seed oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil are just a few of the nutrient-dense ingredients formulated into this restorative facial moisturizer. These ingredients are gentle, deeply moisturizing, low comedogenic, and anti-inflammatory. 

Another notable trait of our Repair Cream is how well it works with acne-prone and oily skin types. Because of its low comedogenic oils and bacterial-fighting components, this facial moisturizer is a must if you're combating acne and managing oil production. 

There are endless things we love about this facial cream, but find out more for yourself on our websiteLookaround at the 60+ reviews the Repair Cream has, and look into the ingredients for yourself! 

Also, one of the principles we live by here at SBA is empowering you to know what you are putting onto your precious skin, so we release emails and blogs that help you gain knowledge about all things skincare ingredients + much more. With this said, click here and here to read more resources that can teach you more about our Repair Cream =). 

Thanks for your support during all the changes we make to bring you the best products and containers to hold them,


Chelsea Henderson

SBA Founder & Formulator 

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