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Article: Toxin Free DIY Mosquito + Bug Repellant That Really Works


Toxin Free DIY Mosquito + Bug Repellant That Really Works

Hello Hello!


That time of year has come... Mosquito season! *dun dun dun!!!!*


We're certainly not anti-insect around here at SBA, however, we don't enjoy getting eaten alive by bugs and mosquitos when all we're trying to do is enjoy the outdoors! That's why we're giving you a Deet and toxin-free bug/mosquito repellant DIYs that do not harm nature, or your endocrine system, and are safe for the entire family.


I (Brier) have personally used these recipes while traveling abroad, and they WORK. My husband and I barely got a single bite from any insect while traveling in Thailand and Bangladesh when using this homemade spray. We pre-made several 3.4 oz spray bottles and threw them in our carry-ons and they lasted us 2-3 weeks. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite DIYs ever. I think the homemade version works better than other "natural" bug sprays you can buy. You can also adjust particular essential oils to control the potency.


DIY Mosquito/Bug Repellant:

Check out our outline below to star and adjust to your liking/potency.


One thing I will add here is that I typically add a bit more Citronella and Peppermint EOs because certain bugs, like Mosquitoes, particularly hate them! However, the recipe above is already extra-strength, so I probably go overboard with it.


Also, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to see how this recipe works for you before increasing the strength of EOs. You can also add more rubbing alcohol or witch hazel instead of adding any water. I typically do this because my skin can handle it and it doubles as an antibacterial spray as well when the rubbing alcohol content is higher.


The smell of this spray is strong, however, it's no stronger than using conventional bug sprays and I'd rather smell like essential oils than be bit up!


Here to help,

Brier C.

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